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The Basics

Consulting with you about your company goals and how you want to achieve them is part of the service Advertising by Design provides.  It’s all about setting you up for success!

When you set up your website, you may or may not be aware of the many additional resources needed to promote your business online and lead people to your stellar new website. These are the basics of being seen on Google and other search engines and other channels to promote your website.

You may need to set up and interpret some or all of the following:

  • Google My Business Account
  • Register Your Website with Search Engines
  • Google Console Account
  • Google Analytics Account
  • G-Suite Account
  • YouTube Account

Once it is determined which of these are needed, strategies can be developed to achieve your online goals.  This often includes Google Ads and SEO among other types of online promotion.  Whether that be now, or down the road as your business grows.


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